While almost all of us are quite savvy with the latest technology, there always are more efficient ways of carrying out some simple laptop functions, that may not be in your knowledge or you may have simply not applied them! So before you face any substantial issues with your Laptop or need to take it to the nearest Dell service Center in Noida, let’s learn a few ways to make your Laptop function more efficiently!

  • Setting Up A Back Up

We all know the importance of backing up our computers, but we always tend to procrastinate the same. However, you must know thatsetting up a backup is a matter of few minutes, and you can do it right away. In fact, you should do it! All you need is to access the basic tools such as Apple’s Time Machine or Windows Backup and simply get things done! Moreover, you can also use a colud or an online service to ensure that you have a backup even when your laptop is lost, stolen or damaged in a fire accident! Trust us, you’ll thank yourself for it!

  • Use Shortcuts

Since computers were made to work way faster than we human beings do, they have been incorporated with a lot of shortcuts. Right from find a word on a web page through Ctrl+F, to saving a current file through Ctrl+S or using Ctrl+P for taking a print out, there are an innumerable number of shortcuts. And for all you know, once you get a hang of them all, they’ll seem completely worth your while!

  • Viruses Protection

While Apple users have pretty much saved themselves from the hassles of virus invasion, Windows users often fall in this dangerous pit. The trusted Dell Service Center in Noida suggests that firstly you must understand the minute differences between viruses, malwares and Trojans etc. and then install an antivirus that suits your requirements. While that is important it is equally imperative for you to use your own judgment before opening up suspicious links, or connecting untrusted devices to your computer!

  • Set up your Wi-Fi

The Dell Laptop Repair in Noida has often experienced that a lot of laptop users find it a daunting task to set up their own home or office networks, but you must understand that it can be taken care of almost too easily. Simply ensure that you router is correctly configured, and that your Wi-Fi speed as well as range ideally suits your needs. If need be, you can watch some You Tube Tutorials in order to get a better understanding of the same. Then again, do make sure that your router is over clogged with too many devices!

Now that you know of these simple to apply tricks and tips, we’re sure that suing your laptop will become an expedient experience for you!